Contact Center Software

One Platform for all Communication

We bring together all communication channels into one seamless pure omni-channel software giving your business a full 360° view of all your customer interaction. Whether it’s call, SMS, email, chat or even social media, route all customer queries (errands) to the right queue and suitable agents.

Elevating Agent Experience

The only contact centre software you will ever need.

One Platform For All Communication

Cention combines Email, Chat, Voice, SMS and Social Media with seamless processes for the ease of all communication internally and externally.
cloud (saas)

Ensure optimum business performance when you move to cloud with no risk and no downtime.


Unify and collaborate your entire workforce across voice, email, chat, sms, social media and webforms.

reports and statistics

Cention allows you to gather endless data with predefined and customized reports. Reports can also be exported.

contact center as a service (ccaas)

Connect with customers wherever they are, on every channel.

api (cpaas)

Make your business communications exactly what you want them to be.


Maximize the capacity of your agents by allowing them to collaborate for assistance while responding to customer queries.


Cention supports customers in over 50 countries with thousands of agents processing millions of errands every month. Cention has proven track record of industry excellence for over 15 years. Contact Center gives your business strategic advantage it needs.


Ensure customer satisfaction and quality assurance with real-time monitoring and response preview before sending the customer.

Increased Productivity

Efficient errand handling system consisting of collaboration, knowledgebase, latest integrations, setailed statistics and many more.

Flexibility with Structure

Full integration with your existing software systems (i.e. CRM, VOICE). Tools and structures following industry standards(i.e. COPC).


Seamless agent experience with an easy set up process and simplified tailored company structure answers.

Agents love it.

Connect all agents, managers, and departments inside an all-in-one communications platform.

Finance love it.

Pay for what you use with our simple and transparent pricing.

Customers love you.

Agents never have to transfer a customer again with our seamless Omnichannel contact centre software.

Contact Center Age


  • Devoted system per channel
  • Transactional & passive
  • Not unified channels
  • Main channel is Voice
  • Service agents
  • Customer service

Ticketing Age


  • Correlative and reactive
  • Profit focused
  • Channels are bundled
  • Main channel is Email
  • Support reps
  • Customer support

Personable Age


  • Coversational & proactive
  • CX focused
  • Channels are seamless
  • All channels are prioritzed
  • Customer heroes
  • Customer relationships

Business Performance

End-to-end solution on a single platform, delivering everything you need to make customer experience your competitive advantage while optimizing operational efficiency and reducing cost.

Increase productivity


Cost effectiveness






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We bring together all communication channels into one seamless pure omni-channel software giving your business a full 360° view of all your customer interaction.